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Gutter Cleaning - Commercial, Industrial and Residential

Comprehensive, low cost, non intrusive and safe clearance service

3-storey and the most difficult gutters cleared using our high reach vacuum and remote cameras.

Gutterclear UK is a specialist gutter clearing company. Using the latest gutter vacuum systems and remote cameras we can inspect and clear gutters up to three storeys and from the ground. Photographic evidence highlights any areas of concern with the gutter, associated pipework and or roofs (where required). In this way any safety issues including our costs are kept to a minimum. Where possible we avoid the need for ladders, scaffold and or powered access equipment.

Domestic Gutter Cleaning

Gutterclear is a totally self-sufficient gutter cleaning service. Our work is external so we do not need to enter your home. Photographic evidence will be provided as proof, so you don’t even have to be present!

Fast and non intrusive gutter cleaning. All types of guttering cleaned. No ladders, access platforms or scaffolding required. Access to areas where ladders cannot reach.

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Commercial Gutter Cleaning

Our high performance wet and dry vacuum system driven by triple motors makes short work of gutters on any commercial office, industrial unit or school. Video and still camera surveys available.

Our gutter cleaning is ideal for local businesses, multi-nationals, surveyors, housing trusts, estate and block managers, local authorities and schools.

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Why you need us

No scaffolding or ladders

Our gutter cleaners use the latest and most efficient equipment available. With the added benefit of our modern camera technology our work is safe and economic.

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Our services provide protection against blocked gutters, leaking gutters, overflowing gutters and blocked downpipes. The consequences of not keeping your roof gutters properly maintained are:

1. Damage to the house structure

Leaving aside immediate damage that may be caused by a torrential downpour (itself exacerbated by poorly maintained gutters), the damage caused by water is not immediately apparent. When it becomes so it is often too late, damage is advanced and rectification expensive.

2. External damage

  • Water running continually down the sides of a house slowly erodes the surface structure; rendered surfaces as well as brickwork
  • The resulting saturated external surfaces expose the structure to increased damage from frost and ice
  • Water run off from the walls saturates the ground in the immediate vicinity of footings and foundation structures
  • Poorly maintained gutters are themselves vulnerable to damage due to distortion from the weight of retained water
  • Damage to retaining clips
  • Damage to the gutter anchoring systems
  • Damage to the building structure at the anchor points
  • Complete failure and collapse of the gutter itself

3. Internal damage

Internal damage is a more gradual and a largely hidden consequence of poorly maintained gutters, yet can have drastic consequences:

  • Overflowing gutters allow water past fascia boards and into the internal roof area. Rarely visible to general observation this leakage threatens slow but far reaching damage to the integrity of the roof structure with seepage into roof timbers
  • Seepage or even direct flooding onto internal surfaces and into cavity spaces
  • Development of mould and other fungal growths on internal surfaces and decorated surfaces
  • Pockets of damp favouring the spread of insect populations
  • In conjunction with external damage to footings the development of rising damp
Find out more about our cost effective gutter protection service by reading our frequently asked questions or contact us for further details.
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