Gutter Cleaning in Reading and Gloucester | How the Changing Seasons Affect Your Gutters

Do you put off gutter cleaning and maintenance or only call a professional once a year? If you own a home in Reading or the Gloucester area, it’s worth considering how the changing seasons can affect your property in various ways. Good maintenance will help to protect your home or business from the most common issues, meaning less hassle later on and fewer repair costs overall.

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Gutter Cleaning and Repairs | From Springtime Showers to Winter Ice Dams

People often think of gutter trouble in terms of built-up leaves alone. While this remains the most common problem by some margin, moss, pests and broken roof materials may also play a role. So just how do the seasons impact your gutters in Reading, Gloucester or the surrounding areas?


Springtime brings strong winds and heavy rainfall. As such, this is the period where any issues become most apparent. Pests tend to look towards the gutters during this period too, especially when there’s a large blockage for them to call home. In addition, springtime encourages moss growth. Once the rains come, this moss will hold the water back, causing standing water and extra weight inside the guttering system.


Summer remains an excellent time for gutter cleaning, mainly because it prepares the system for autumn and allows a professional to look for damage sustained in the spring. Of course, you may still experience guttering problems on hotter days, perhaps during a thunderstorm or because of collapsed roof tiles. Why not take advantage of the great weather by calling Property Maintenance & Gutter Clear (Oxford) Ltd to inspect your roofline in Gloucester or the Reading area at a competitive cost?


We all love the golden hues, elegant browns and beautiful reds that come with the fall season. Unfortunately, this period causes leaves to build inside gutters, which then become wet as the weather begins to change. These wet leaves may also cause some gutters to rust, damaging the channels and hangers as a result.

Minimise the odds of such a problem by calling a professional for gutter cleaning during this time. Our team knows that you’re busy and can fully clean and repair your gutters while you’re away doing other things.


It’s vital that you prepare your gutters in Gloucester, Reading or the surrounding areas for the challenges of winter. This season often features blustery winds, heavy rains, and even snow and ice on occasion. Ice dams form in the gutters when rain freezes on the roof, before melting down the surface and refreezing once again. When this happens, the extra weight can burden the channels to such an extent that they split, shatter or collapse from your property. You might also experience major roofline damage as a result.

Serving Gloucester, Reading and the nearby areas, we look for moss, debris, cracks, pests and ice dams during the cleaning process. Our experts carry out domestic and commercial gutter cleaning, ensuring you receive a convenient service with little-to-no disruption.

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