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Why you need us

The purpose of guttering

Roofline guttering is an essential component to ensure the long-term survival of buildings. In conjunction with a watertight roof, the gutters ensure that rainwater is channelled away from the building safely. Water is one of the greatest causes of damage to buildings both externally and internally; it is vital that guttering systems are well maintained.

Blocked and damaged gutters will overflow, leaking onto wall surfaces causing damage to coatings and masonry. Less obvious will be seepage into the building interior, causing structural damage that rarely reveals itself until an advanced stage is reached. Water ingress at best leads to decorative damage, at worst fungal growth, insect infestation and dry rot.

Water runoff that is not properly channelled away will saturate the ground below and may undermine walls, promoting rising damp.

In summary:

  • Gutters capture rainwater from the roof surfaces guiding it away safely to drainage
  • They prevent damage to the external AND the internal structures of the house
  • They prevent flooding around the immediate perimeter of the house
  • They keep the external surfaces of the house clean (otherwise they would be continually dirty from debris washed from the roof)
  • They avoid you getting soaked when using entrances to the property!
  • Gutters, whether domestic or commercial are the first line of defence to prevent erosion around foundations

Most modern guttering systems are made from plastics making them cheap very easy to maintain and providing a long service life. But they do have one disadvantage, compared with cast and other formed metallic systems - they are flexible and, if blocked, will distort under load. This means that overflow from a debris blocked plastic gutter will be accentuated.

Why you should keep your gutters clean

The consequences of not keeping your gutters properly maintained are:

Damage to the house structure

Leaving aside immediate damage that may be caused by a torrential downpour (itself exacerbated by poorly maintained gutters), the damage caused by water is not immediately apparent. When it becomes so it is often too late, damage is advanced and rectification expensive.

How often have you seen inside your gutters? Looking from the ground there is little to give concern – out of sight, out of mind!

GutterClear UK use the latest video technology and can provide photographic evidence.

External damage

  • Water running continually down the sides of a house slowly erodes the surface structure; rendered surfaces as well as brickwork
  • The resulting saturated external surfaces expose the structure to increased damage from frost and ice
  • Water run off from the walls saturates the ground in the immediate vicinity of footings and foundation structures
  • Poorly maintained gutters are themselves vulnerable to damage due to distortion from the weight of retained water
  • Damage to retaining clips
  • Damage to the gutter anchoring systems
  • Damage to the building structure at the anchor points
  • Complete failure and collapse of the gutter itself

Internal damage

Internal damage is a more gradual and largely hidden consequence of poorly maintained gutters, yet can have drastic consequences:

  • Overflowing gutters allow water past facia boards and into the internal roof area. Rarely visible to general observation this leakage threatens slow but far reaching damage to the integrity of the roof structure with seepage into roof
  • timbers
  • Seepage or even direct flooding onto internal surfaces and into cavity spaces
  • Development of mould and other fungal growths on internal surfaces and decorated surfaces
  • Pockets of damp favouring the spread of insect populations
  • In conjunction with external damage to footings the development of rising damp

The potential for problems with insurance cover

Most house insurance policies, domestic or commercial require the insured party to maintain the property in a reasonable manner. Damage cause by badly maintained guttering may receive reduced compensation or even fail the test of an insurance claim completely!

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